One masterpiece of a 49ers' win | Great victory

It was the 49ers' “King Lear,” that 27-20 victory over the challenging New York Giants. Or perhaps it was their “Hamlet.” It was their masterpiece game of this season which already has become a masterpiece compared to what came before.

Sure, the 49ers won tough games earlier this season. But this win was against a quality opponent, an elite opponent that had flown west six hours to win. This was a beautiful victory because both defenses were grim and determined and each team had to fight for every inch of offensive yardage. An honest fight for inches has a beauty all its own.

And this was a beautiful win for the Niners because the Giants had pulled ahead, as expected, took a gritty, hard-fought 13-12 lead late in the third quarter and it seemed the 49ers were done. Who could blame them? They had held on against these smart, tough, well-coached Giants and it would be no shame to surrender just a little bit.

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