Clone of woolly mammoth: Effort from Russian scientists

Scientists from Russia and Japan have the responsibility a Jurassic Park-style try out in an attempt to get the woolly mammoth out of extermination. According to the team cloning would be finished in next five years.

First, a suitable substitute mother animal is necessary. In the case of mammoth this would require to be a cow (as best biological fit) but even here the mass differentiation may prevent growth to term. The scientists claim that a thigh bone found in August contains remarkably fresh-looking heart cells, which can form the preliminary point of the research.

The Rollin Institute, famous for cloning Dolly the sheep, no longer conducts cloning work but has published some notes on the chances of bringing wiped out genus back to life. According to Charles Foster the idea of mammoth cloning isn't completely outlandish and how the resulting embryos would fare further than the period of little cells is more or less strange.

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