Jeff Adams - Steps to become a successful Real Estate Investor

Real Estate investors are people who invest their money in Real Estate market to make more profit. Real estate is not an organized field in most of the countries and so investing is not an easy option to earn money. A good real estate investor should know all the positives and negatives involved in the field.


1: Investor should be able to identify and purchase a property that is at least 20% lower than the existing market price. 

2: Make use of increase value strategy. After purchasing a property at lower cost you should make some restorations according to latest style so that it adds value to your property. Then you should be in a position to sell the property at least at 25 percent higher than the total cost spent by you in buying and renovating the property.

3: You should formulate an exit strategy (i.e.) planning on how to get rid of the property. One of the approaches is to hold the property as long as you feel it will yield a better profit, but make sure you sell it in few years time. Long term holding is unwise as it would entail speculation about the future market behavior and hence can be uncertain. Another strategy is to turn over the property as soon as you buy it. You can also rent the property so that you can earn money every month and after few years you can sell it for higher profit.

Jeff Adams a famous real estate investor followed these steps to attain great heights in real estate investment. Even after few negative Jeff Adams scam reports written by his competitors. He is still one of the best in the business and has formulated many tactics to succeed in real estate investing.

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