Lost Da Vinci wide-awakes art line

Art experts have signed a request to prevent drilling into a wall painting in Florence's Palazzo Vecchio which may be thrashing a Leonardo Da Vinci work. Drilling began last week to permit cameras within the external barrier. In 1563 the room was later renovated and Vasari tinted his frieze.

Even though the mayor of Florence has supposed the holes have been drilled in previously smashed areas of the fresco, which would be restored after, the disturbing approach has annoyed scholars. Traces of an organic stain were established, still it will receive another two months previous to lab consequences are recognized.

Approximately 150 historians from around the world have fixed services claiming it is destructive the presented work, Giorgio Vasari's The Battle of Marciano. A radar review accepted last year discovered an empty space among Vasari's brick barrier and the unique marble barrier. Mutually with Naples art historian Tomaso Montanari, the combine in progress the request tempting to Florence judges and the mayor to stop the work.

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