Martin Scorsese innovative big screen Hugo wins initial reward

Martin Scorsese’s 3D children story Hugo has been named best big screen by the National Board of analysis in the US. Quiet movie The Artist, which was named greatest film by the New York Critics sphere before this week, was amid the NBR's roll call of favorites.

The NBR has departed on to decide the ultimate victor of the conservatory prize for best film on a figure of occasions. Best sustaining artist was awarded to 81-year-old Christopher Plummer for his presentation as a disappearing man beginning to his homosexuality in beginners.

At the same time as Clooney's best performing award, The Descendents won greatest script and best sustaining actress for Shailene Woodley. The Oscar-winning movie maker was also elected as best director by the set. The cast of public social liberties age play The Help were awarded the most excellent as one prize.

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