Shopping lifestyle of UK Hold knowledge

KPMG has suggested that UK shoppers are taking on knowledge, and at a sooner speed than further countries, a review of global shopping lifestyle. KPMG’s survey is about 9,600 customers old between 16 and 65, transversely 31 countries.

Within the UK, 74% percent of clients thought they were further possible to get flights and holidays online and six in 10 used a few type of online grocery shopping. While importing supplies or services, the bulk of clients at present thought that they seem at social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and online appraisal sites.

UK consumers are too more unenthusiastic to hold the cloud storing their information online pretty than on their own computers, through 53% of respondents saying they achieve several compared by 65% internationally. Eighty-eight percent of respondents in the UK and worldwide reported downloading an app to their mobile phone.

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