Spaceship plan unveiled by Paul Allen

The 58-year-old plans to build up a giant aircraft that would put spaceships into range, rather than elating them off from a launch pad. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has announced devices to start unmanned rockets and bear cargo into space. The mission is the newest to be led by Silicon dale tycoons who think they spy a gap in command opened by the leasing of the US government's space transport series.

In the opinion of Mr. Allen and Mr. Ruthann preliminary designs for the Stratolaunch aircraft have been put mutually over the track of 10 instant. While NASA put rockets into space from a launch pad, the Stratolaunch map is to launch unmanned rockets from high-flying airplane, and ultimately embark on manned mission too. Orbital Sciences Corp and Rocket Company have used this method of beginning payloads such as unmanned rockets and satellites.

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