Predicts miscarriage risk: Constrained embryo growth

The opinion of University of Nottingham study the growth of an embryo during the early stages of pregnancy is linked to its risk of miscarriage. Researchers calculated the time-span of more than 500 only and twin embryos throughout the first trimester. A specialist said the study added to our acquaintance of miscarriage risk. By means of the dimensions, the researchers exposed that poor development in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy was a good quality analyst of miscarriage.

Dr. Shyamaly Sur, who led the research, said the findings be supposed to help out to recognize pregnancies at risk of miscarriage. Additional study is now wanted to examine the affiliation amid growth and the underlying causes of miscarriage in more aspect. The study also establishes that twin embryos grew at the equal rate as solitary embryos throughout the first trimester, which was not predictable.

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