Pythons allied to Florida Everglades animal refuse

According to the research a strong link among the spread of pythons and drops in recorded sightings of raccoons, rabbits, bobcats and other class. They are a new top marauder in Everglades National Park - one that shouldn't be there. The bulk of these species have been recognized in the diet of pythons found in the Everglades National Park. Certainly, raccoons and opossums often scavenge at the water's edge, where they are susceptible to ambush by pythons.

In the roadkill survey between 1993 and 1999, no rabbits or foxes were seen throughout the more recent survey rabbits were among the most common mammals. The national park covers the southern 25% of the creative Everglades - a region of subtropical wetlands that has been exhausted over the last century to reclaim it for human use. Observations of rodents, coyotes and Florida panthers had augmented slightly, but the generally number of sightings remained squat.

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