Workers push for security standards

Thousands of workers are expected to protest in Sydney in a push for stronger security standards to curb the number of workplace injuries and deaths.

The campaign calls for improvements to the federal government's draft national occupational health and safety laws, which unions say will favour big business over workers and undermine safety.

"The Government promised national workplace safety laws would not undermine existing standards," Unions NSW secretary Mark Lennon said. "Yet workers in NSW will clearly have weaker protections.

"It's now incumbent on the Federal Government to explain why workers in NSW should be left worse off."

Protesters plan to gather at Martin Place in the CBD at 12.30pm (AEDT) today for the Rally for First Rate Safety.

They will also call on the State Government to push to make sure NSW unions retain the right to take court action when safety standards were breached, Mr Lennon said.

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