ACC chosen for NASA program

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Austin Community College (AAC) was one of about 20 schools nationally and the only non-university selected to take part in a NASA simulated, zero-gravity program.

The Houston-based space center Tuesday selected 28 undergraduates to perform experiments in various levels of low and no gravity. The students from schools including Yale and Auburn universities will participate in 2 experimental programs beginning summer 2010.

1 team will propose, design and test various experiments aboard an aircraft modified to simulate a reduced-gravity environment. A 2nd group will help NASA scientists and researchers engineer projects that use a reduced gravity environment to check spaceflight hardware, components and spaceflight procedures.

"Today’s students will be the ones going to the moon and beyond to live, explore and work,” said Mr. Douglas Goforth, the Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program manager at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. “This project gives them a head start in preparing for those future ventures by allowing them to carry out hands-on research and engineering today in a unique reduced-gravity laboratory.”

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