Australian bushfires destroys nearly 40 homes

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A major bushfire in the west Australian outback has destroyed nearly 40 homes, officials said on Wednesday, as firefighters finish a third month of fighting bushfires across the country.

Fire officials say the Australian summer might be one of the worst bushfire seasons, with a series of catastrophic warnings previously issued for big fires in at least 3 states. Australia's most deadly bushfires occurred last February, as the "Black Saturday" infernos killed 173 people and destroyed 1000s of homes in the southern Victoria state.

As a result of the "Black Saturday" fires, officials adopted a "catastrophic" caution which advises residents to vacate homes in the face of major bushfires. Until the west Australian fire this week, property losses had been few. No one has died in the fires this summer.

3 firefighters and a woman from the wheat-belt town of Toodyay, in Western Australian state, suffered slight injuries in the latest bushfire, which burned 3,000 hectares (7,400 acres).

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