NASA says collision improbable, as Russia considers asteroid mission

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Russia's space chief is considering a space mission to knock away an approaching asteroid, though NASA officials don't consider the giant rock a threat to Earth.

As the 885-foot asteroid was discovered in 2004, astronomers gave it as much as a 1-in-37 possibility of hitting Earth in 2029. But scientists have been lowering their estimates since. Now, an astronomer from NASA says that space rock isn't "anything to worry about."

However, the Russian space chief tells Golos Rossii radio that he is heard the asteroid is getting closer to a possible impact in about 22 years. He also adds that, "People's lives are at stake."

He says Russia's space agency will hold a meeting on the topic soon. He also says that, if an asteroid deflection mission is finalized, NASA would be amongst those invited to join.

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