The American President Obama Plans to Prevent Terrorist Attacks

President Barack Obama prepared Tuesday to inform the public how he plans to prevent future terrorist attacks after an alleged terrorist attempt to destroy a Detroit-bound U.S. airliner on Christmas.

President Barack Obama also makes outline changes to the lists of suspected terrorists that the government maintains to improve domestic security, the White House said.

After his Hawaiian vacation dominated by news of the recent terror attack held on Christmas, Obama was meeting with high-ranking government officials on Tuesday afternoon and charged with carrying out two reviews he ordered after the failed attack on viewing for airline passengers and on the U.S. terror watch-list system.

Obama arranged Monday afternoon by meeting privately with national security aides. Obama will get updates from Mueller and Holder, review of terrorist detection techniques from Napolitano. Brennan will update the president on his own review of the system of watch lists and outline his early findings. Agency heads will comment on their internal reviews.

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