The Former NBA star Jayson Willams Injured

NEW YORK – Jayson Williams' Mercedes-Benz SUV veered off an exit slope and struck a tree Tuesday, causing minor injuries to the troubled former NBA player. Police said he may have been drinking before the crash.

Jayson Williams was in the passenger seat when officers arrived and told them someone else had been driving the car. But eye-witness told police they saw him in the driver's seat, and officers said no one else was in the car.

The New York Police said it appeared Williams may have been drinking before the 3:15 a.m. crash. Williams was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where he did not co-operate for a breath test, authorities said.

Jayson Williams suffered a sequence of further setback in previous year. His wife filed for divorce against him, and police used a stun gun on him in a New York hotel after a female friend said he was acting suicidal.

Jayson was charged with assault in May after supposedly punching a man in the face outside a North Carolina bar, but charges were dropped. In November, Williams' father, E.J., with whom he owned a construction business, died in South Carolina.

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