Experts may have found bones of English princess Eadgyth

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More than 1,000 years after she was carted off to Germany to get married an ambitious Saxon duke, experts believe that they’ve identified the body of Princess Eadgyth.

Bristol University in western England said on Wednesday that, should scientific test on Eadgyth bones prove conclusive, that would make Princess Eadgyth (pronounced 'Edith') the oldest member of the English royal family whose remains have survived. The bones of Princess Eadgyth were found in Magdeburg, Germany.

Eadgyth was born at the sunrise of the 10th century, when England was still separated into a patchwork of Anglo-Saxon and Viking fiefdoms. King Athelstan, brother of princess kicked the Vikings out of York and routed the Scots and Irish in a massive combat around 937.

Historians believe him the first king to effectively rule of all of England.

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