Pak Terrorist Planned to Strike India Again

One of the Pakistan-based terror groups have planned to launch major new attacks against India In its annual forecast released today, Stratfor predicted that 2010 might see the US escalating its drone strikes in Pakistan as the bulk of the Al Qaida leadership is believed to be hiding there.

As the nature of the war shifts to Pakistan, Stratfor said, there is a strong jihadist strategic intent to launch a major attack against India in order to trigger a clash between India and Pakistan.

The attack would pass on Pakistani military from battling the jihadists in the country's west, towards the Indian border, the think tank Stratfor said in its security anticipate for South Asia in 2010.

But the think tank said both Washington and New Delhi were well aware of such tactics and since the November 2008 Mumbai attacks, India and the US had garnered better intelligence on groups with such goals, making success less likely.

The Stratfor also said “but that hardly makes such attacks impossible”.

The Mumbai terror attacks, orchestrated by Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba in 2008, left Indo-Pak relations severely stressed and delayed the composite dialogue process.

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