Swiss Avalanche Death Toll Rises to Seven

Central Switzerland has affected by avalanche three dead bodies were found Tuesday, raising to seven the death toll in the country's bad avalanche disaster in more than ten years, rescue officials said.

The bodies were identified among three two of them are Swiss citizen a man and woman the other one is German man were found in the Diemtig,, Valley which is about 25 miles distance from south of the capital, Bern, said Theo Maurer who is a chief instructor of the Swiss air rescue service.

During rescue eight helicopters and 100 rescuers was able to pull nine people from the snow. One man found who was already dead. The other three died in the hospital.

Rescuers were unable to look for the remaining skiers Monday because fog and snow prevented them from safely accessing the mountainous area by air or on foot. Experts have little hope the missing three would be found alive.

The start of the ski season and heavy snowfall in recent days has prompted officials to advice of a heightened avalanche risk in the Swiss Alps. Last week, an avalanche killed three people skiing off-piste in neighboring France.

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