Geologist confirms Andaman aftershocks makes fears 6.6 magnitude earthquake strikes at north of the Andaman Islands on March 30. It makes one more confirmation that this particular area will continue to be source of severe earthquakes, says a leading Indian geologist.

They had warned that a segment of the “plate boundary fault” left unruptured after the deadly 2004 Andaman earthquake would be a source of high magnitude earthquakes.

After the 2004 earthquake in this region had already produced 2 powerful aftershocks in 2008 & 2009, & the March 30 earthquake was the 3rd. “Such intra-plate earthquakes occurring in the subducting India plate under the unruptured segment are a matter of concern,” he said.

The NGRI team had notified after analyzing the 2 major aftershocks in the Andaman region after the deadly 2004 quake that produced a tsunami.

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