Small earthquake hits Adelaide, Australia
A small earthquake has hit the Adelaide Hills. The tremor registered a magnitude of about 4 and hit in the area in the city's north-east about 11.30pm (CST) on Friday, but was felt as far as 50km away from its epicentre, Geoscience Australia seismologist Mr. David Jepsen told AAP.

No one was injured and the quake is not believed to have caused any significant damage, he said. But emergency services received a lot of phone calls from anxious people all over Adelaide and nearby towns that had felt the quake.

"The event would have lasted 2 to3 seconds and would have been felt as strong shaking, the severity depending on what they were doing at the time," he said. "This is the earth doing its normal stuff ... when the stress of the plates exceeds the strength of the rocks under it releases energy."

Friday night's quake was strong by Adelaide's standards, but a previous earthquake in 1954 was 5.4 magnitude, occurred near the heart of the city also caused the equivalent of $6 million damage to property, Mr David Jepsen said.

Earthquakes between 3 and 4 magnitude are often felt, with shaking occurring, but rarely cause serious damage.

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