New York man sentenced to 15-years-to-life for stabbing, 'eating' his wife
A QUEENS man was sentenced today to 15-years-to-life for killing his wife by stabbing her more than 250 times and then allegedly eating her lungs and drinking her blood, all in front of their 4-year-old daughter. Mohammad Solaiman was sentenced today for the gruesome murder of his wife Shahida Sultanna in their Jamaica, Queens, New York home in December 2007.

Their 4-year-old daughter was in the next room at the time of the incident and witnessed the bloody aftermath.

Ms Sultanna's sister, Ferdousi Begum, shuddered and bawled in court today as she begged Mohammad Solaiman to explain why he killed his wife.

"He took out her liver and her lungs and he ate it," Ms Ferdousi Begum wailed. "He drank her blood. Her daughter told me that."

Justice Buchter sentenced Solaiman to 15-years-to-life in prison after pleading culpable in March to second-degree murder. He also pleaded culpable to evidence tampering, child endangerment and weapons charges, for which he received concurrent 1-year sentences

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