Factbox: Use of "illegals" in spying

http://news-updations.blogspot.comThe United States said that authorities had arrested 10 alleged Russian spies, days after the President Dmitry Medvedev met Barack Obama in Washington. The group was accused of being tasked by the Russian's SVR foreign intelligence service to enter the United States, assume false identities and become "deep-cover" agents, according to the U.S. Justice Department. Russia denies the accusation.

-- An "illegal" works under deep cover and is been infiltrated into a foreign country with the task of setting up his or her own network and gathering intelligence.

-- He or she assumes a false identity carefully constructed, often with the use of fraudulently obtained documents, for example the birth certificate of a dead man or woman.

-- Unlike intelligence officers who work under the cover of legitimate and diplomatic or other status, "illegals" do not usually enjoy any form of immunity from arrest.
-- Illegals are a longterm investment. They spend many years putting by down roots, establishing their fake identity, blending in and making contacts before they can obtain useful information -- if they ever do at all.

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