'Barefoot Bandit' being extradited from Florida to Washington state

A central moderator in Miami, Florida, has prearranged that the so-called "barefoot bandit" believe be extradited to Washington state to face charges there. It's not clear yet when the transport will take place.

The Colton Harris-Moore, 19, who make the "barefoot bandit" nickname since he was unshod when he supposedly broke into houses, appeared in Miami Federal Court Friday morning. The look was a continuance from earlier this week, when it was unclear to Miami federal Magistrate Judge Robert L. Dube if Moore had legal representation.

A open defender represented Harris Friday in lieu of his Washington state attorney, who will be there when a Washington court reads charges against Harris, then conducts a detention hearing.
The Harris-Moore was in use into custody on Harbor Island in the Bahamas early Sunday. He was required in a string of home and airport break-ins in various U.S. locations along with thefts of vehicles.

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