No oil leaking in well cap

Watchful optimism bloomed after BP stopped up the oil gushing from its ruptured undersea well, particularly when a top company bureaucrat reported Friday that pressure within the new well cap was steadily rising.

Leader Barack Obama, who anticipates returning to the Gulf Coast in the next few weeks, tempered the good news in remarks Friday morning. He said the new capping stack BP lowered in place this week is productively containing the oil, but ultimate answers won't be known until the testing and data evaluation are complete.

"I think it's important that we don't get ahead of ourselves here," he said. "You know, one of the problems with having this camera down there is that when the oil stops gushing, everybody feels like we're done, and we're not.

"We won't be done until we actually know that we killed the well and have a permanent solution in place," he said.

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