Ex-Univ. of Delaware student killed in Uganda

http://news-updations.blogspot.com/A previous college rugby player in U.S. colleges and churches influence people to help children in war-riven Uganda was among 74 killed by detonations that tore from side to side crowds watching the World Cup final in the African country.

Nate Henn was on a rugby field Sunday in Kampala with some of the children he'd gone to help when he was hit by shrapnel from one of the explosions, according to the aid group he worked for. A Uganda indigenous Henn mentored had traveled back to the country with him and was standing next to him, but 20-year-old Innocent Opwonya wasn't harmed.

"Right now he's so broken he can barely talk," said Jedidiah Jenkins, spokesman for the aid group Invisible children, said of Opwonya. "Nate was just his father figure, his brother, his family."

Henn, 25, had used up the last year traveling to college grounds and churches to raise money and seek volunteers for work in Uganda. Henn raised thousands of dollars for children's schooling and went to the country to meet the children, the aid group said.

The kids called Nate Henn "Oteka," or the strong one, and they "fell in love with Nate's wit, strength, character and steadfast friendship," San Diego-based group that helps child soldiers said on its website.

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