WA town glad so-called 'Barefoot Bandit' in jail

http://news-updations.blogspot.com/Populace of a rural Washington island lashed out at the mother of a adolescent called the Barefoot Bandit, proverb she's trying to income from a crime extravaganza that police say took him from the cedar trees here to the bright seashores of the Bahamas. The Colton Harris-Moore, 19, was due in courtyard Tuesday in the Bahamas, where he was under arrest early Sunday after a high-speed boat chase.

That was came as a relief to inhabitants on Camano Island, Wash., where establishment say he educated to dodge law enforcement, but his mother's result to hire a well-known Seattle lawyer who has symbolized Courtney Love and Jimi Hendrix's father drew widespread disdain.

"Of course she requirements the money. She doesn't work," said Joshua Flickner, whose person owns an island grocery hoard. "What makes me angrier than the fact that she's trying to proceeds off this is that there's any profit to be had."

She legal representative downplayed any income motive, saying Pam Kohler get in touch with him for advice after being inundated by requests from news reporters as well as inquiries about book and movie deals.

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