Handset world: Don't speak for us, Steve Jobs

It might be true that no cell phone is great, but the handset world isn't taking too gently to Apple CEO Steve Jobs' public declaration that other Smartphone’s bear from the same antenna and signal problems that have been widely reported regarding the iPhone 4. In addition to, in what's twisted into an ugly back-and-forth PR mud fight, Apple is firing back by making its inner signal test results public to insist that it's not just pulling rivals' flaws out of thin air.

Hui-Meng Cheng, chief monetary officer at HTC, told The Wall Street Journal on Monday that "the response problems are certainly not general among Smartphone’s," and a envoy from Samsung said that it "hasn't received significant customer view on any signal reduction issue for the Omnia 2," one of the phones that Apple singled out as suffering from similar reception issues if held in a way that blocks the antenna.

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