Jobless benefits extension to go before Senate vote

The governing body is set to think a bill Tuesday that would extend the deadline to file for being without a job benefits through the end of November. Governing body GOP leaders have infertile a vote several times, stress deficit concerns by arguing that any benefits extension should be offset by spending cuts.

Democrats are counting on the seats Tuesday of the substitute for Sen. Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia to break the logjam. Byrd passed away last month. The bill would cost $33 billion in added deficit spending, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

On top of Monday, President Barack Obama tore into congressional Republicans, at variance that a "partisan minority" had allowable short-term political calculations to trump genuine profitable need. The Republicans are guided by a "misguided notion" that a new relief bill would dishearten people from looking for work, the president said at the White House.

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