Sherrod: I'd Consider Legal Action against Breitbart

Ex- Agriculture Section officer Shirley Sherrod said Thursday that she would think legal action alongside the conservative blogger who posted the video that led to her ouster.Talking on CBS' Early Show, Sherrod said that while she hasn't actively talked about suing Andrew Breitbart, she

"would without doubt consider it."

Sherrod said that Breitbart's meanings were obvious - but misguided.

"As much as he's saying it was concerning the NAACP, he had to know that it was about me," Sherrod said. "He was willing to destroy me to get to what he thought -- to try to destroy the NAACP."

"He had to be acquainted with what he was doing," she added. "I'm certain he didn't think the other side of the story would come out, but he knew he was misrepresenting the facts."

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