Aid Group Identifies Workers Killed in Afghanistan

Afghanistan — the respite group whose 10 workers were butchery in northern Afghanistan said Monday that, while it had no plans to go away the country, it was hanging additional medical journey for lack of experienced workers.

“Two of them had 30 years of experience, local associates and spoke Dari fluently,” said Dirk Frans, decision-making director of the group, International Assistance Mission. “They are unique.”

He was referring to the team head, Tom Little, an optometrist from Delmar, N.Y., and his longtime friend and colleague, Dan Terry, both Americans who were among the 10 workers gunned down last week in Badakhshan region after trekking 100 miles in the Hindu Kush with transportable medical facilities. The group listening carefully on eye care but obtainable other medical services as well. The Taliban and other rebellious claimed responsibility, reproachful them of acting as spies and missionaries.

International Assistance Mission released the names of all 10 victims on Monday and recurring its denials that any had been involved in disciple work or spying.

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