Egyptian woman tells TV of alleged police rape

An Egyptian woman, tiring an all-encompassing black veil, has gone public with a uncommon television interview alleging that police raped her after she stopped to ask for instructions in a rural part of the country.

The claim adds fodder to a growing discuss in Egypt about police rape abuse, which human rights groups say is methodical.

Complaint and online campaigns raged since June when a 28-year old man died after a whipping at the hands of police officers. The two policemen are on trial for using too much force, but not for killing Khaled Said.

While the management denies the dilemma is pervasive, rights groups say officers act in impunity since they are rarely taken to task for abuses.

The woman, who was not recognized, sobbed as she described the alleged assault on the private Modern Misr satellite station earlier this week. Her voice contravention, she said two men took turns raping her in the back of a police van on a dark rural road after she asked them for directions.

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