Heavy rain to drench Melbourne

HIGH winds forecasted to hit Melbourne early today hinge on the movement of an strong low heaviness system, the State Emergency Service (SES) now says.

Melbournians were last night invigorating for wind gusts to 100km/h, continual winds of 60km/h and up to 50mm of rain for the reason that of the low pressure system, which sweep in from NSW yesterday and has tattered western Victoria with heavy rain and strapping winds.

Other than SES state duty officer Darren Morgan said the arrangement had slipped into Bass Strait, as forecasted, except was now moving into northeast Victoria as a high weight system slides in from South Australia.

"We haven't seen a great deal in the way of wind in greater Melbourne or Geelong at this period," he said.

"As of about 3am to 5am today, we may see a number of of those strong winds on top of Melbourne mix down to the exterior and rainfalls in the order of 20mm of rain.

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