Iran says explosion near president just fireworks

Iran's bureaucrat news agency said Wednesday that an bang near the president's group was just an excited fan location off fireworks, denying earlier reports of an murder attempt.

A admirer set off a firecracker alike to those used during sports matches to express his enthusiasm at Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's visit to the western Iranian town of Hamedan, reported the IRAN news agency. The bang near the president's group had set off a flurry of media reports, counting one that it was a handmade grenade.

The conventional Iranian website,, said a grenade exploded as the president's group headed from the airport to the venue for the talking, but did not damage him.

Eyewitnesses in Hamedan told The connected Press by telephone that the detonation definitely came from a firecracker.

"It was a sparkler, which made a sound and produced smoke near where I was standing," Amin Mehrabi said. "Many people filmed it with their cell phone cameras."

Irans assistant police chief, Gen. Ahmad Reza Radan told the state news agency the information about the explosion were "sheer lies" circulated by foreign media.

Ahmadinejad went on to give his speech as planned, and it was show live on state television. He made no talk about of the attack in his remarks, focusing instead on the country's disputed nuclear program.

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