Taliban calls for boycott of Western aid as Swat Valley ravaged by floods

The Taliban has told victims of Pakistan's floods to boycott aid from "foreign infidels" as the UN called for $460 million in emergency aid to prevent a rise in the death toll.

Present isn't a great deal to smile about here, though, in the hilly far north of Pakistan, where until lately the Taliban ruled.

Previous year, two million people fled their homes in the valley to run away heavy fighting as the Pakistani army sought to inflict control over the area; now the floods have come to cause even greater obliteration.

You see it all over the place along the route of the Swat river, famous in happier times for its clear waters and fine trout, but now an angry, brown, bloated violent flow, four or five times its normal width.

Proof of the amazing power of the flood at its height last week is all around. On Shamozai, towards the southern end of the valley, the new concrete road bridge has been knock down, it huge cylindrical ropes toppled into the river.

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