476 Die in Brazil Slides, Survivors Relate Horrors

The power was out, but lightning flashes illuminated the horror as villagers watched neighbors' homes vanish under a wall of mud and water, rotating neighborhoods into graveyards. Survivors dug at the earth barehanded Thursday, but all they originate were bodies.

It was a scene of muddy obliteration in mountain towns north of Rio, where at least 476 people were killed when torrential rains unleashed mudslides in the pre-dawn hours Wednesday, burying people alive as they slept. Officials would not undertaking guesses on how many people were missing -- but fears were high that the death toll could piercingly rise.

http://news-updations.blogspot.com/In the remote Campo Grande neighborhood of Teresopolis, now nearby only by a perilous five-mile (eight-kilometer) hike through mud-slicked jungle, family members pulled the lifeless bodies of loved ones from the muck. They carefully laid the corpses on dry ground, covering them with blankets. A young boy cried out as his father's body was originate: "I want to see my dad! I want to see my dad!".

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