Army dog handler based at Fort Belvoir dies in Afghanistan

She was an Army sergeant, based in Northern Virginia, and she was an Army dog handler. Last month, a cousin said, she posted pictures on the Internet of herself and the dog, costumed intended for Christmas, in Afghanistan.

Sgt. Zainah Caye Creamer, 28, who was based at Fort Belvoir, was in the military police, and she and her working dog, Jofa, were assigned to ensure vehicles and facilities for explosives, a Belvoir spokesman said. The two had left to Afghanistan in October.
Creamer was killed Wednesday in Kandahar province while insurgents attacked her unit with an improvised explosive device, the Pentagon said.

Details of the event were sketchy. But Don Carr, the Belvoir spokesman, said Creamer and the dog were doing their job, carrying out "a route and building authorization mission" when the blast occurred.

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