All eyes on Egypt's military: How will it respond?
As accumulation demonstrations carry on to intimidate Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak's grip on power, the country's influential military is rising as possibly the crucial player in influential the course of events in the Middle East's most crowded nation.

By now, the army which has long enjoyed close ties to the ruling command is playing a key role in the efforts of the beleaguered Mubarak regime to control the growing chaos. More than the weekend, after police withdrew, the army deployed to cities across Egypt, keeping sort but usually not forcing protesters from the streets.

Today, the Egyptian government traditional permission from Israel to move soldiers into the Sinai Peninsula, which has been principally demilitarized since a 1979 peace contract between the two countries. And Mubarak has now curved to three career military men -- including Omar Suleiman, a former army widespread and head of the cunning services, now chosen vice president -- to help run the government.

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