Egypt chaos: Dozens of reporters beaten, arrested
Threatening gangs backing President Hosni Mubarak attacked the media and human rights activists Thursday in an ugly twist in Egypt's crisis as government opponents pressed supporters out of Cairo's main square in a second day of road battles. Organizers called for activists trying to topple the regime to fill every four-sided figure in the huge assets on Friday.

The new vice president widely careful the first successor Mubarak has ever designated fueled anti-foreign feeling by going on state TV and blaming outsiders for fomenting strife. The government has accuse media outlets of being concerned to protesters who want the president to relinquish now rather than hand out out his term, as he has vowed to do.

The Obama administration, for now, was in talks with top Egyptian officials in relation to the prospect of Mubarak directly away resigning and the formation of an intervening government that could organize the country for free and fair elections later this year, U.S. officials said Thursday. The talks were first account by The New York Times.

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