Gunfire pounds anti-Mubarak protest camp in Cairo
Heavy habitual weapons fire crushed the anti-government protest camp in Cairo's Tahrir Square before dawn on Thursday in a dramatic appreciation of what come into view to be a well-orchestrated series of attacks on the protesters. At least three protesters were killed by gunfire, according to one of the activists.

The crowds looking for an end to President Hosni Mubarak's nearly three decades in power were motionless reeling from attacks hours’ former in which Mubarak supporters charged into the quadrangle on horses and camels, pouring people with whips, while others rained firebombs and rocks from rooftops.

The strikers accuse Mubarak's regime of unleash a force of paid thugs and plainclothes Egypt police to squash their unparalleled nine-day-old movement, a day after the 82-year-old president refused to step down. They showed off police ID badges they said were wrested from their attackers. A number of government workers said their employers prearranged them into the streets.

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