Spectrum is the solution to American jobs

Spectrum could help boost the U.S. economy. Spectrum is the invisible infrastructure that is used to transmit everything from radio and cell phone signals to the Wi-Fi network in your home. Making more of it available could help boost the U.S. economy.

As Congress convenes to consider President Obama's American Jobs Act, there is one proposal that super committee members should not ignore that would reduce our national debt, ignite job creation and strengthen America's global competitiveness: voluntary incentive auctions.

Participation in these auctions would be completely voluntary, and current license holders would receive a share of the proceeds in return for making their spectrum available for more efficient uses like mobile broadband innovation. Voluntary incentive auctions could net the federal government upwards of $30 billion, much of which could be used to reduce the shortage. Consumer benefits of re purposing spectrum to new uses are even greater, at an astounding $300 billion.

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