Wall Street clashes - 'Unequal' Income in US

Income inequity in the US has sharply increased in recent decades; a bipartisan analysis has revealed. The Congressional Budget Office said income had trebled for the richest 1% between 1979 and 2007.

Meanwhile, a major poll give you an idea about anxiety for the future is high, with a majority saying the US is "on the wrong track". The findings emerged as police used tear gas and mass arrests to force Occupy Wall Street protesters out of their camps in Atlanta and Oakland.

Some 50 people were arrested in Atlanta and 85 were held overnight in Oakland, California.

After clashes in Oakland on Tuesday that left an Iraq war veteran in a critical condition, Mayor Jean Quan held a press conference on Wednesday to announce that the plaza would be open to protesting but not to camping.Ms Quan said Oakland supported the protesters' goals, but had to act when a small number of them threw rocks, paint and bottles at the police.

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