Diamond festival: Digging profound for remembrance forest

Organizers of a project to produce a series of new forest to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee expect to plant one million trees throughout February. Dame Judi Dench, the Oscar-winning actress, has lent her support to the Jubilee Woods project. She said that “Whenever a friend or relative dies, I make a point of planting a tree in my garden”.

The Trust is also providing thousands of free tree-planting pack in an attempt to support people to help it attain its goal of planting six million trees during the jubilee year. According to Georgina McLeod, head of the Trust's Jubilee Woods project there were a number of ways that people could take part and become one in a million. Community groups can apply for packs have 105 or 420 native species, with each set containing a Royal Oak sapling, grown from acorns together on Royal estates.

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