Iraqis kill clan members for informing on al Qaeda
Gunmen in Iraqi military consistent broke into the homes of their own clan members on Monday and killed four people for notifying on al Qaeda.

Unconnectedly, a senior police officer was injured in a roadside bomb attack in Baghdad, as daily violence continued to clatter a country struggling to form a new government seven months after an open to doubt election.

In the most recent attack, nine gunmen tempest the homes of two families in al-Sila village south of Baghdad, detained five men and shot them execution-style on the shore of a nearby lake, said a security source. One lived and was hospitalized.

"This area was an al Qaeda stranglehold before," said the source, who spoke on state of anonymity. "It is inhabited by one tribe, but it is separated into two parts, with one loyal to al Qaeda and the other against it."

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